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Ship Chandler And Shipping Industry Services For Industry Across Indonesia

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Ship Chandler And Shipping Industry Services For Industry Across Indonesia

Established in 2010, PT Hansway Indonesia is proud to be one of the trusted companies in handling a wide assortment of shipping needs and products. As a professional company with a range of international partnerships, PT Hansway Indonesia is ready as a ship chandler for marine or shipping industry services.

The service

As a ship chandler, PT Hansway Indonesia comes with a wide range of assortment products to fulfill marine and shipping needs. The company will deal with a wide variance of required commodities for the shipping vessel and the crew. Thus, the items can range from supply safety equipment, engine stores, supply deck, to medicine, and provision items.

All of the items provided are under strict management and guaranteed to meet people's expectations. Not only providing the best and basic needs, but PT Hansway Indonesia has also widened its ranges, network, and partnership globally or locally. Thus, a strong partnership helps provide a constant and consistent main source of the product under a competitive price.


With a wide range of partnerships and services, PT Hansway Indonesia comes with a range of products and services. The shipping and marine industry ship chandler include a wide variety of supply provisions, ranging from dried, frozen, and fresh stock. There are also supply bonded stores for items such as cigarettes and tobacco.

To fulfill the utmost demand and needs for the ship and marine industry, the company also offers medicine supply, engine stores, supply deck, and safety equipment. With over ten years of experience, the company boasts variable distribution and global partners. It means that the company has a worth, quality, and quantity under the international safety standards.


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