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Company Gathering Hansway Indonesia

hansway indonesia

Company Gathering Hansway Indonesia

On December 9, 2023, Hansway Indonesia Group held an annual event, namely a company gathering, which lasted for 2 days from December 9 to 10, 2023, at Harris Resort Marina, Batam.

The focus of this event revolves around the concept of 3C, emphasizing the importance of connecting, communicating, and collaborating. The event was held to strengthen relations between employees from various subsidiaries that are members of the Hansway Indonesia Group’s, including:

  • PT. Hansway Indoensia
  • PT. Widi Jasa Samudera
  • PT. Samudera Tujuh
  • PT. Hansway International
  • PT. Hansway Safetindo Bahari
  • PT. Elmount Logistik Nusantara
  • PT. Dian Kosmopolitan
  • PT. Kreasi Wisata Impian Tour & Travel
  • Big House Hotel & Pagi Sore Hotel

The event started in the morning at 8 a.m. on Saturday, December 9, 2023, where all Hansway Indonesia Group employees gathered and chatted with each other.

One of the Hansway Indonesia Group employees said, "This event is eagerly awaited and is held once a year. I was surprised there were so many new faces in this company."

The event started by playing various very exciting games organized by event officers from Harris Resort, where the aim of each game was to build solidarity, cooperation, communication, and teamwork. In accordance with the theme promoted by the Hansway Indonesia Group.

Not only that, the event was continued by holding a joint dinner between employees and also the employees' family members themselves, as well as various unique performances such as dancing, drama, and singing performed by Hansway Indonesia Group employees.

Apart from that, Hansway Indonesia Group also distributed free lucky draws with hundreds of attractive prizes for Hansway Indonesia Group employees, ranging from cash to various grand prizes such as TVs, smartphones, and many more.

Most employees said that events like this should continue to be held because they can establish communication between company employees under the auspices of the Hansway Indonesia Group so that solidarity and cooperation between companies can be established.

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