Komp. Citra Super Mall Blok B No.5-6 Harbour Bay,
Jl Duyung - Batu Ampar Batam 29432 - Indonesia.

About Company


Mission Statement

1. Provide Services and Solutions to customers. 2. Serve all Customers to the convenience level of a "one-stop-service". 3. Supply Ship Equipment with the quality of an accepted standard. 4. Improve Company's values by encouraging creativity, innovation and cultivate competence in human resources for every parties involved. 5. Operate business activities that benefit all parties and with a concern for good cooperation.

Vision Statement

Following the rapid development in the domestic as well as the international marine industry, ships are constantly being built or renewed and the marine logistic is in rising demand, therefore to support this business chain, "PT. Hansway Indonesia" cultivates and maintains 4 business sectors that cater to industries' needs such as equipment and services. Our Vision is to become a ship chandler enterprise, that could do trading in the local as well as the international market and to be recognized as "QUICKER and BETTER" as Ship's equipment and Services provider. The Quality of Our service, demonstrating professionalism from every personnel who are actively involved in supporting the marine industry through our services in covering the business area, dedicated to be the "Customers' first choice and delivering positive impact for the local and international marine industry".