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Provides personalize services for all owners and charterers with their needs of supplies and services within ship operational, With our advantage in several business sectors such as in Ship and Industry Construction, Engineering & Repair, Logistic Services, Tugboat & Barge Charter Services & Ship Chandler for Marine and Shipping Industry, while the sister company.


Ship services

We are able to carry out our tasks in our workshop, onboard vessels especially in Batam Island and within the Indonesian Sea. We will maintain our service with the best quality, professionalism and we ensure that each project awarded to us will achieved excellent result and reached the customer satisfaction.

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Ship Chandler

we have established a Strong and Wide network with global partners, allowing us to consistently to be the main source for the best products at the most competitive prices.

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Warehouse & Logistics

PT. Hansway Indonesia understands when it comes to supplying Goods to the Vessel, punctuality is a first and foremost, equally to the importance of Efficiency, Effectiveness, Reliability and Costing in Logistic Solutions. And we're confident that the goods will be delivered to your vessel with Lower Cost & Minimum Time.

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CEPAT (Customer-Focus, Empathy, Professionalism, Accuracy, Trustworthy)

Customer Focus

We understand the requirement and expectations of customers.


Able to understand the feelings and experiences experienced by your company.


Complete work effectively and with quality.

Acuracy & Thrustworthy

Use products that suit your needs in order to achieve the price you want.