Various ship chandler services that you must know before sailing

Ship Chandler services are a vital entity in the shipping industry, providing a range of goods and equipment essential for the smooth operation of ships. Initially, ship chandlers were tasked with supplying daily necessities for ships such as fresh and dry food, beverages, and other daily supplies. However, as the industry has evolved, the role of ship chandlers has grown to become more complex and diverse.

Nowadays, ship chandlers are not only providing consumer goods, but they are also tool stores that provide a variety of safety, maintenance and health equipment to support ship operations. Starting from safety equipment such as life vests, safety jackets, to fire extinguishers that are very important to deal with emergency situations at sea. In addition, ship chandlers also provide various maintenance equipment such as mechanical tools, electrical equipment, and chemicals for the maintenance of ship machinery and equipment.

Not only that, ship chandlers also play an important role in supporting the health and well-being of crew members. They provide a range of medical supplies and medicines needed to treat crew members who are ill or facing medical emergencies at sea.

With the wide array of goods and equipment provided by ship chandlers, these companies are not only an indispensable partner for ships sailing the seas, but also a key factor in maintaining the safety, health and well-being of the entire crew. Therefore, the existence and role of ship chandlers in the shipping industry should not be underestimated, but rather recognized as an essential element that supports the smooth operation of ships around the world.

Here are 5 types of ship chandler services that you must know before embarking on a cruise.

  • Food Provision supply
It is an important aspect of ship operations, providing fresh, dry food and beverages to support crew welfare and smooth sailing. With adequate supplies, ships can maintain the productivity and health of their crews at sea.

  • Maintenance, Fuel, and Spareparts
These services include ship engine maintenance as well as the provision of fuel, tools, and spare parts vital to the smooth operation of the vessel. By providing these services, the ship chandler helps maintain the vessel's optimal performance and ensures readiness to face the diverse challenges of the sea.

  • Safety Equipment
Essential devices to keep crew safe at sea, including items such as Life Jackets, Fire Extinguishers, Lifebuoys, Immersion suits, Smoke signals, etc. With adequate supplies, vessels can respond to emergencies quickly and effectively, increasing the level of safety for crew members.

  • Medical Supplies
Essential supplies that include medicines, medical equipment, and other medical supplies needed to treat crew members when sick or facing a medical emergency at sea.

  • Rental 
This service is a complete solution for rental needs, covering office containers, marine equipment, generators, chiller containers, and more. By providing diverse rental options, ship chandler gives vessels and maritime companies the flexibility to run their operations efficiently and seamlessly.

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