Startling! Batam Shipping Industry Company Turns Out to be Experiencing a Labor Crisis: Companies are Still Having Difficulty Finding Skilled Workers

Batam shipping businesses are still short of skilled employees, despite many orders for boat work and repairs. They need more employees with the necessary skills to complete this work.

According to Mariati Bangun, Secretary of Ikatan Pengusaha Perkapalan & Lepas Pantai Indonesia (IPERINDO) Kepri, continues to require employees with the right qualifications. They will even continue to contact subcontractors and work together with welding training centers in order to hire qualified workers.

According to Mariati, even though it has absorbed many employees and even brought in employees from outside batam, there are still not enough employees with the special skills needed. “orders are still yesterday's orders, orders are still running, but we can't finish because we still lack employees, so shipping friends say the project delay is because there is not enough labor. From our friends, we have also cooperated with training institutions; taking labor from outside batam is also applied but in accordance with the class of shipyard, there is nothing”

This shortage of employees has almost occurred in less than a year. At the beginning of 2023, Ali Ulai, chairman of IPERINDO Kepri, admitted that in order to complete the ship orders that have increased since the end of 2022, he needs thousands of workers. “We still need welders; those from Java island have also been taken, but now it's mostly G3 welders. The G3 class is usually for welding such as doors and trellises; what is really needed now is G5 and G6 for welding ships. The government must be responsive in training workers in that section. I feel sorry for those who are still unemployed in Indonesia.”

Currently, there are more than 250 shipyards in Indonesia, most of which are located in Batam, and they build various types of vessels ranging from passenger ships, cargo ships, and special-purpose vessels. Shipyards across Indonesia have the largest docking graving facilities, at 300,000 dead weight tons (DWT).

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