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Since the inception of the company in 2010 until May 2024, Hansway Indonesia has completed more than fifty thousand projects both nationally and internationally. with various types of services. Here are some of the superior services that are often handled by Hansway Indonesia:

Technical Services and Ship Maintenance

Regular maintenance and repairs are key to ensuring safety, reliability and operational efficiency. In the dynamic maritime world, comprehensive technical services are required to meet strict safety and regulatory standards. Here are the various technical and ship maintenance services offered:
- Repair & Maintenance : Handling all kinds of repairs and maintenance, from plumbing, mechanical, to electrical and carpentry. Our team of experts is ready to help repair any damage and ensure the vessel operates in optimal condition.

- Annual Inspection, Servicing, Maintenance & Certification for LSA & FFA :
Structured services for annual inspection, maintenance and certification for Life Saving Appliances (LSA) and Fire Fighting Appliances (FFA). With approvals from various classification societies, we guarantee your vessel's compliance with international safety standards.
- NDT Services :
Provides nondestructive testing to ensure structural reliability of vessels. Advanced technology is used to detect defects and vulnerabilities without damaging the integrity of the material.
- UWILD Services :
Offers underwater inspections as an alternative to dry docking, enabling time and cost savings without compromising inspection quality.
- HVAC work & services :
Design, install and maintain ventilation, heating and cooling systems to ensure crew comfort and health.
- Cleaning Services :
Provide comprehensive cleaning services to maintain the cleanliness and sanitation of vessels, including interior and exterior cleaning.
- Disposal Asbestos work Services & Air Monitoring System :
Manage and process asbestos waste safely and efficiently, equipped with air monitoring systems to ensure a safe working environment.
- Garbage disposal :
Handle vessel waste management in accordance with applicable environmental regulations, including proper transportation and disposal.
- Asbestos disposal :
Specialized services for the safe and compliant removal of asbestos materials found on board.

- Dry oil disposal :
Manage dry oil disposal in an environmentally friendly and compliant manner.
- Installation fire alarm :
Design and install a reliable fire alarm system to improve vessel safety against fire risks.
- Calibration flow meter :
Ensure fluid flow measurement accuracy with periodic calibration of the flow meter.
- Bilge alarm :
Install and maintain bilge alarm systems to detect and prevent leaks on board.
- AHU/Chiller maintenance :
Periodic maintenance services for shipboard HVAC systems, including air handling units (AHUs) and chillers.
- HVAC System Design :
Designing an efficient HVAC system that suits the ship's needs, taking into account environmental and safety factors.
- Test commissioning HVAC :
Conduct thorough testing and commissioning to ensure the HVAC system is functioning properly and according to specifications.
- Marine Safety Supplier :
Provide maritime safety equipment, including personal protective equipment and rescue gear.

- Garbage Converter :
Provides garbage conversion technology to reduce waste and improve waste management efficiency on ships.

Ship Transportation Service

In a dynamic maritime environment, vessel transportation is an integral part of global supply chains and trading activities. Here are the various ship transportation services we offer to meet your needs:
- Spot Charter : Provides vessel charters for one-off or short trips that allow you to transport cargo quickly and efficiently.
- Long Term Charter :
Provides long-term vessel charter options to meet your regular transportation needs with flexibility and reliability.
- Shifting/Assisting Berthing vessels :
Assisting in the safe and efficient process of berthing vessels in port, including maneuvering assistance and coordination with port authorities.
- Shifting/Assisting Unberthing vessels :
Providing assistance in the process of safely and efficiently discharging vessels from port, including vessel maneuvering and coordination with port authorities.
- Marine Towage services : Providing vessel towage services in open waters or in ports to ensure the safe and efficient movement of vessels.

- Transportation : Provide vessel transportation services to transport cargo from one location to another, including inter-island or cross-border cargo distribution.   

Transportation  Logistics and Shipping Services 

In the ever-evolving world of global trade, logistics and shipping services are crucial to ensure a smooth and efficient supply chain. We offer a range of services designed to meet your business needs:
- Warehousing : Provide secure and well-managed storage facilities for your cargo, with a range of short-term and long-term storage options.  

- Export and Import:
Manage your export and import processes quickly and efficiently, including document preparation, shipping arrangements, and meeting customs requirements.  

- Shipyard Service :
Provides ship repair, maintenance, and construction services at shipyards equipped with facilities and skilled labor.
- Customs Clearance :
Handling the customs clearance and inspection process to ensure your imports and exports comply with applicable regulations and requirements.
- Handcarry Arrangement :
Arrange for the direct delivery of important cargo by courier to ensure safe and reliable delivery.
- Rent Heavy Lifting Equipment :
Provides quick and flexible access to heavy lifting equipment to meet the needs of construction projects or cargo moving that requires specialized handling.
- Stevedoring Cargo Arrangement :
Organize the efficient transport of cargo from ship to shore or vice versa, by providing trained manpower and appropriate equipment.


Provision of goods and ship equipment

In a successful vessel operation, the availability of the right goods and equipment is essential. We offer a range of provisioning services to meet your needs:
- Food Provision : Providing quality and varied food supplies to meet the crew's nutritional needs during the voyage.

- Safety Equipment :
Providing safety equipment that complies with international standards, such as life vests, safety jackets, and fire extinguishers.
- Rigging Equipment :
Provide rigging equipment required for lifting and handling of cargo on board.
- Navigation Equipment :
Provide modern and accurate navigation equipment, including radar, GPS, and compass, to assist in the safe navigation of vessels.
- Marine Filters and Lubricants :
Provides various types of filters and lubricants required for the maintenance of ship engines and systems.
- Chart & Publication :
Provides nautical charts and other navigational publications to assist in the safe and efficient navigation of vessels.
- Electrical Equipment :
Provide electrical equipment and electronic supplies to keep the ship's electrical systems operating properly.
- Stationery :
Provide office supplies and stationery for administrative and documentation needs on board.
- Mechanical parts and Equipment :
Provide mechanical parts and equipment for the repair and maintenance of ship machinery and systems.
- Paints :
Provides paints and painting materials for the protection and appearance of vessels.
- Consumables :
Provides various consumer goods such as household appliances and daily items for crew needs.
- Fresh Water Supply :
Provide clean water supply for drinking, cooking, and bathing needs on board.
- Marine Gas Oil (Ship Fuel) :
Providing quality marine fuel to keep ship operations running smoothly.
- Garbage and Sludge Oil Disposal
  : Provides waste management services such as collection, processing, and safe and regulatory disposal of ship waste. 

Rental Service 

In situations where ownership is impractical or needed only for a certain period of time, leasing services can be the perfect solution. We offer a range of leasing services to meet your needs:
- Store Container Rental : Provide secure and durable store containers for storage of your merchandise or inventory at the port or project site.  

- Office Container Rental : Provides convenient and functional office containers to facilitate administration and management activities at project or temporary sites.
- Chiller Container Rental :
Provide refrigerated containers for the storage of foodstuffs or items that require controlled temperatures during transportation or storage.
 - Generator Rental : Providing rental electricity generators to ensure a stable and guaranteed power supply at sites that do not have access to electricity or during power outages.  

- Marine Equipment Rental  : Provides a range of rentable maritime equipment, such as marine cranes, rescue boats, or cargo handling equipment, to meet your vessel's operational needs. 

Technology and Security Services

In an increasingly connected world prone to security risks, technology and security services are becoming increasingly important to protect your assets and keep your operations running smoothly. We offer a wide range of services in this field:
- CCTV Services : Provides installation, configuration, and maintenance of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) systems for security monitoring and surveillance at various locations, including ships, ports, or land facilities.
- Online IPTV System :
Provides an online-based IPTV solution for streaming live and on-demand video content to your crew or customers. The system allows easy access to various channels and entertainment content.  

With this superior range of services, Hansway Indonesia is committed to fulfilling all your boating needs with the utmost professionalism and quality. Trust all your boating needs to Hansway Indonesia and contact us now.
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