Ship Chandler and Marine Equipments

PT. Hansway Indonesia offers a wide assortment of products to fulfill all the needs of your ship. From wide variety of fresh, frozen and dry provisions, to bonded, cabin, deck and engine supplies, not to forget medicines and safety equipment, each and every necessity is guaranteed to meet all of the customers' expectations. And since 2010, we have established a Strong and Wide network with global partners, allowing us to consistently to be the main source for the best products at the most competitive prices. Not to mention the rigorous selection process that each of our suppliers goes through, to ensure that we deliver solely high quality goods which definitely meet the international safety standards.

"Competitive Prices, Fast Delivery, Fast Response Quotation, Quality Guarantee, Quantity Guarantee Customer Satisfaction Oriented, Wide Distribution Network"

As CEPAT (Customer-Focus, Empathy, Professionalism, Accuracy,Trustworthy)

PT. Hansway Indonesia menawarkan beragam macam produk untuk memenuhi semua kebutuhan kapal. Dari berbagai macam produk beku, kering dan segar, untuk mengikat, kabin, dek dan kebutuhan mesin, tidak melupakan obat dan peralatan keselamatan, masing-masing dan setiap kebutuhan dipastikan untuk memenuhi semua harapan pelangga. Dan sejak 2010, kami telah membangun jaringan yang kuat dan luas dengan mitra global, memungkinkan kami untuk secara konsisten menjadi sumber pertama untuk produk-produk terbaik dengan harga paling kompetitif. Terlebih lagi lagi proses seleksi ketat yang dilalui oleh masing-masing pemasok kami, untuk memastikan bahwa kami hanya mengirimkan barang-barang berkualitas tinggi yang tentunya memenuhi standar keselamatan internasional.

"Harga Yang Kompetitif, Pengiriman Cepat,Respon Penawaran Harga Cepat, Garansi Berkualitas, Kuantitas menjamin Kepuasan Pelanggan yang berorientasi, Jaringan Distribusi Luas"

As CEPAT (Customer-Focus, Empathy, Professionalism, Accuracy,Trustworthy)


1. Safety Glass Clear(CSF00002), Safety Glass Black(CSF00003) & Safety Glass Dark Black(CSF00004)

2.Safety Glasses Clear 3M 10434(CSF00006)

3. Anti Fog Goggle(CSF00001)

4.Faceshield Helmet (Clear)(CSF00008)

5. Ear Plug Corded Normal Quality(CSF00009)

6. Ear Plug 3M 1100 @200pair(CSF00005)

7. Ear Muff Normal Quality (Red)(CSF00007)

8. Ear Muff Good Quality (Yellow)(CSF00010)

9. Cotton Working Glove w/ Anti Slip Dot @12pair(CCL00005)

10.Nitrile Glove with Rubber Coating size 9 (Black) DELTAPLUS(CCL00004)

11. Rain Coat w/ Reflective Tape and Hood size L(CCL00001) & Rain Coat w/ Reflective Tape and Hood size XL(CCL00002)

12.Rain Suit w/ Reflective Tape & Hood size XL(CCL00003)

13. Bosun Knife S/S w/ Leather Sheath(CHT00001)

14.Flashlight Diving IPX68 c/w Charger & Battery(CEE00001)

15.Flashlight 3-Cell D Battery BRIGHTSTAR 2224 w/o Battery(CEE00003)

16.Flashlight Rechargeable Big LED 12.000W c/w Charger(CEE00002)

17.Seal Tape 12mm() & Seal Tape 25mm()

18.Anti Slip Tape 5CM x 5M (Black)(CSF00011) & Anti Slip Tape 10CM x 5M (Black)(CSF00012)

19.Reflective Tape 50MM x 45,7M (Silver)(CSF00013)

20.Rubber Sheet 1MMx1M(CPJ00001), Rubber Sheet 2MMx1M(CPJ00002),Rubber Sheet 3MMx1M(CPJ00003),Rubber Sheet 4MMx1M(CPJ00004)& Rubber Sheet 5MMx1M(CPJ00005)

21.Wire Cup Brush Crimped 75mm(3") x M10(CBR00002)

22.Wire Cup Brush Twisted 75mm(3") x M10(CBR00001)

23.Spoon Thin S/S(CTG00001)

24.Fork Thin S/S(CTG00002)

25.Faucet Hot/Cold for Dishwashing (Alloy)(CLE00003)

26.Toilet Bidet Sprayer c/w 1,5M Hose and Holder (304 S/S)(CLE00002)

27.Toilet Flush Valve w/o Pipe(CLE00001)

Supply Provision Stores

PT. Hansway Indonesia are prides themselves on exceptional service, reliability and honesty with our faithful customers and vendors. We are consistently to provide a Fresh, Good Quality and Good Quantity of the provisions to ensure the customer get satisfactory provisions. FairPrice aims to be the : ( Best Place to Shop, Best Place To Work,Best Corporate Citizen).

PT. Hansway Indonesia bangga akan penyediaan layanan yang unggul, keandalan, dan kejujuran dengan pelanggan dan pemasok setia kami. Kami secara konsisten memberikan produk yang Segar, Baik, Kualitas dan Kuantitas yang baik untuk memastikan kepuasan pelanggan. Dengan harga yang baik dan layak, kami bertujuan untuk menjadi: (Tempat Terbaik, untuk Berbelanja, Tempat Terbaik Untuk Bekerja, Warga Korporat Terbaik)

• Beverages.
• Biscuit and Cake.
• Bread and Pastry.
• Canned Food.
• Cereals.
• Coffee, Cocoa, Tea.
• Dairy Goods.
• Dressing and Vinegar.
• Dry Goods.
• Fish and Seafood.
• Fresh Fruit.
• Fresh Meat and Frozen Product
• Fresh Vegetables.
• General Groceries.
• Grains and Nuts.
• Jam and Marmalade.
• Pickles.
• Poultry Fresh and Frozen.
• Sauce and Gravy.
• Seasoning and Flavor.
• Spices and Herbs.

Supply Bonded Stores

• All kinds of cigarettes.
• All kinds of tobacco.
• Liquors.
• Soft Drinks.
• Non-alcoholic beverages.

Supply Medicine Stores

• Disinfectants.
• Disposables.
• First Aid Kits.
• Medical Gases.
• Medical Publicatio.
• Pharmaceuticals.
• Rescue Equipment.

Supply Deck & Engine Stores

• Abrasive Papers.
• Baker & Pastry Utensils.
• Bearings.
• Bed Accessories.
• Bridge Equipment.
• Brushware.
• Buckets & Garbage Bags.
• Cabin Cleaning Equipment.
• Cabinet Ware.
• Cargo & Deck Equipment.
• Cargo Nets.
• Cargo Nets.
• Chart & Publications
• Cleaning Products.
• Consumables.
• Curtains.
• Cutlery.
• Cutlery.
• Cutting Tools.
• Dishware.
• Distilled Water.
• Electric and Air Tools.
• Electrical Appliances 110/240V.
• Electrical Cooking Appliances.
• Electrical Equipment.
• Fastenings.
• Floor Coverings.
• Foils & Roll Papers.
• Fresh Water
• Frying Pans & Cooking Pots.
• Galley Supplies.
• Garbage Bags.
• Gauges.
• Glass Tableware.
• Gloves and Ear Muffs.
• Gloves.
• Grinding Wheels.
• Hand Cleaners.
• Hand Tools.
• Home Electrical Applicances.
• Hoses & Couplings.
• Hoses and Couplings.
• Knives.
• Laundry Accessories.
• Lifting Equipment.
• Linen.
• Marine Filters
• Marine Gas Oil
• Marine Paints & Paint Spraying Equipment.
• Measuring Equipment.
• Mechanical
• Navigation
• Nylon Fitting.
• Overall and Hardhats.
• Overall and Hardhats.
• Packing & Jointing.
• Packing and Belts.
• Paint and Antifouling.
• Phone Cards.
• Pipe & Tube Fittings.
• Pipes and Fittings.
• Plastic Tableware.
• Plates & Cups.
• Powered Tools & Equipment.
• Pulleys and Sheaves.
• Rat Guards.
• Rat Guards.
• Rat Traps, Fly Swatters.
• Ropes & Hawsers.
• Seals and Bearings.
• Squeezers and Mashers.
• Stainless Steel Fitings.
• Stainless Steel Tableware.
• Stationery.
• Steel / Metalwork.
• Table Pots & Jars.
• Toiletries.
• Towel & Table Linen.
• Valves.
• Welding Equipment.
• Wooden Tableware.
• Working Cloths.

Supply Safety Equipment & Stores

• Air Compressors.
• Breathing Apparatus.
• Cabinet Ware.
• Chains.
• Chemical Suits.
• Cotton Waste.
• Fasteners Rags.
• Fire Extinguishers.
• Fire Fighting Equipment.
• Fire Hose/Fire Hose Couplings.
• Gangway Nets.
• Gas Detectors.
• Gas Protection Suits.
• Gloves and Ear Muffs.
• Goggles/Ear Muffs/Helmets.
• Hatch Sealing Tape.
• Hoses and Couplings.
• IMO Symbols/Safety Signs.
• Instruments.
• Lashing Equipment.
• Life Jackets/Lifebuoys.
• Life Rafts and Life Boats.
• Lifeboat/Liferaft Accessories.
• Packing and Belts.
• Painting Supplies.
• Pilots Ladders.
• Pulleys and Sheaves.
• Pyrotechnics.
• Ropes and Hawsers.
• Safety Belts.
• Safety Boots.
• Safety Lights/Signal Lamps.
• Safety Masks/Respirators.
• Safety Tapes.
• Seals and Bearings.
• Slings Webbing.
• Smoke Detector Testers.
• Tools.
• Wet Weather Gear.
• Wire.
• Work Vests/Arm Bands.