• Aiming to be the customer preferred choice, delivering positive
    impact for the marine industry

  • Serve with Integrity

  • Provide vessel repair services & many other services Calibration Flowmeter for marine
    & shipping industry by involving the best experiences technicians in mechanical

  • expert & experiences services to every producer melude supplier, distributor,
    with the logistic services, export-import, storage that is convenient with clients
    budgets & needs.

  • Competitive Prices, Fast Delivery, Fast Response Quotation, Quality Quarantee,
    Quantity Quarantee Customer, Satisfaction Oriented,
    Wide Distribution Network

Ship Construction and Engineering
PT. Hansway Indonesia, which is based in Batam, specialized in providing Ship Repairments and Maintenances to Ships’ Owners
Tugboat and Barge Rental
PT. Hansway Indonesia operates a fleet of Tugs and Barges for Marine transportation and Logistics support which located in Batam Island.
Warehousing and Logistic
Operates Express Delivery, Flexibility Time, Transparent Document, Door to Door Service, Good Knowledges on both Country Locations (Singapore-Indonesia)
Ship chandler and Marine Equipments
PT. Hansway Indonesia offers a wide assortment of products to fulfill all the needs of your ship. From wide variety of fresh, frozen and dry provisions,

General Kontraktor

PT. Hansway Indonesia bergerak di bidang kontraktor sipil & interior, kami membangun berbagai gedung, rumah, ruko, gudang